HIPAA Compliance We protect Patient Health Information by implementing the technical controls required to protect you and your patients from a security breach. Using a combination of software configuration and staff training, we cover the technical aspects of HIPAA requirements. 

EMR Support With our complete EMR management services, we manage access, upgrades, troubleshooting, support and can hosting of your EMR software  

Cyber Security Framework Enterprise Systems, Inc. is dedicated to your organization’s success. Our multi-layered approach to cyber security including zero trust and artificial intelligence  provides customers with peace of mind allowing them to do what they do best, run their business. 

Managed Services Run your business with the support of experienced technicians ensuring your computers and servers are up to date, data is secure and backed up, software applications are updated, and networks are running smoothly using best practices. Complete technology management is our specialty.  

Unified Communications Weather you need a phone system upgrade, a new phone system or to enable Microsoft Teams as your phone system, Framework Enterprise Systems can help. Your organization can realize up to a 30% savings in telecommunications cost while enabling the latest features including chat, video conferencing, and accessing your office phone from anywhere.