Framework Enterprise Systems is an  IT services and Telecommunications provider organization with over 20 years of industry experience.  The organization is operating in the Charlotte, North Carolina area providing information technology services to Healthcare organizations. Services include HIPPA compliance, EMR Support, computer network setup and support enabling seamless data sharing and collaboration, cyber security services protect against cyber threats.  With the exponential increase of cyber-attacks, a well-rounded security strategy is paramount. Our security systems will help protect your organization. Our managed telephone systems provide the latest communication features. Framework Enterprise Systems is committed to our customers success.  

Mission/Vision Statements 

To partner with organizations and level the corporate playing field using technology.  

To lead Technology for Medical Practices and help them maintain a stable and secure IT environment  


  • Ensure clients have industry standard network equipment containing features that provide a stable and secure data sharing platform 
  • Enable redundancy to withstand system failures 
  • To provide a comprehensive disaster recovery plan tailored for each client 
  • To provide a multi-level security service consisting of the following elements: 
  • Cyber security awareness training for employees 
  • Cyber security incident response system to respond to cyber-attacks 
  • Standardized firewall to protect clients from the internet 
  • Email security filtering system that blocks viruses and unsolicited email 
  • Best in class antivirus system 
  • Secure system authentication process 
  • Data encryption system to render information unusable to anyone outside the organization
  • A system backup strategy consisting of onsite and offsite backups 
  • Implement a unified communication system with features such as video conferencing, chat, voicemail transcription, etc. at a guaranteed 25% cost reduction. 
  • To provide a clear path towards cloud and hybrid cloud migration. 

Core Competencies  Framework Enterprise Systems will provide stable and secure computer networks to create a worry-free operational environment.  This will be achieved through standardization of equipment, automated system management and real-time remote monitoring.